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Harry the Hedgehog

We found Harry curled up on one of the lawns in our garden on September 23rd. He looked like a crumpled leaf and only Rum's interest made us look a little closer. This tiny hedgehog was very cold and dehydrated so we took him indoors and warmed him up on a puppy heat pad.

He weighed just 100 grams and despite two hourly feeds did not gain any weight until five days later, when we were pleased to see the scales register 110g. He is now eating liquidised cat food and gaining weight steadily. By October 2nd he weighed in at a hefty 160g and was becoming much livelier.


October 4th 2007

This morning Harry weighed in at 190g. He is eating a mix of goat's milk, liquidised Whiskas Supermeat (Chicken flavour) and a little mashed Spike's Hedgehog food. Harry is doing well.

October 7th 2007

Harry now weighs 250 grams.

October 13th

Harry now weighs 300g. He is now eating a mix of mashed Whiskas Chicken Supermeat, Iams dry cat food and a few meal worms. He still has his heat pad but as he is in a room with central heating we are planning to see how he manages without it.

October 23rd 2007

Harry now weighs 440g. He has settled into a large rabbit hutch in our dining room and is eating almost half a large tin of Whiskas Chicken Supermeat each night. He also loves cooked chicken and meal worms. Harry has started to make his own nest at night, using every scrap of material he can find. We leave him a supply of hay and shredded paper and it invariably ends up in his nest.

October 30th


Harry now weighs 560g and is doing just great.

February 2008

Harry now weighs a hefty 1386g and is looking forward to his release in the Spring.

April 2008

Harry is now in a large pen in our garden. In a few weeks we will expand the pen and soon after that we will let him roam at will. Good luck Harry!

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